Brevard Natural
 Dalia Sofa在诺亚波恩与雷米椅子在黑麦黑色与缅甸奔跑.

Photographed in Dalia Sofa在诺亚波恩与雷米椅子在黑麦黑色与缅甸奔跑.

 Brevard Natural


 Brevard Natural


 Brevard Natural



Overall: 90"w 40"d 33"h

Sitting Space: 84"w x 32"d

Seat Height: 20"h

Arm Height: n/a

Weight: 205lbs


Sleeper: No

Upholstered: Yes

Slipcovered: Yes

Customizable: Yes

在绿色可用: Yes


Seat Cushion: 2 Seat Cushions

Back Cushion: 2 Back Cushions

口音枕头包括: Two

裙子当沙发套: 2" Slit


Fabric: 18 yards (may vary)

Leather: n/a


Frame: FSC®认证硬木

Support: Webbing

Made in: USA

什么是Inside Green™?

Cisco’s Inside Green™ is the ultimate choice for natural healthy furniture. 这是我们独有的智慧, healthy, responsible, 完全由FSC®木材建造家具的替代方法, Organic Latex, Jute, Hemp, Wool, 有机羽毛和羽绒. These natural materials are not only superior in terms of comfort and lifespan, 但本质上是不使用化学物质的阻燃剂. 最安全的网投平台产品线中的每一个产品都可以在绿色™内部订购和构建.


字典上对有机的定义是:有关的, or derived from living organisms; simple, healthful, close to nature; relating to or affecting organs or an organ of the body. We’ve all come to understand and appreciate these terms when relating to food and medicine, but the same principles and awareness are rarely placed on the furniture that we fill our homes with. Our goal at Cisco is to build furniture that is made as healthy as possible. We acquire our raw materials from only the finest organic and sustainable sources. Cisco works exclusively with vendors who practice humane and fair trade business, 而且在选择材料时非常挑剔.